Because Neil didn’t do it on Friendzone. 

9billionthego asked:

Why do you keep posting pictures of Gameboys? Is it a project you're working on? Do you own a Gameboy care home? Either way you seem to have a lot of Gameboys.

Haha I don’t know, actually. I like modding them because it’s kinda fun to do as a new creative outlet and having the desire to restore and improve them, and as per usual, things just got out of hand. I currently have 1 broken gameboy that I’m studying, 1 that needs some repairs, 1 boxed for archiving reasons, 4 are waiting for the right parts to arrive, 2 to be modded and 2 completed gameboys (minus one because I gave that one a new home). 

… yeah, that’s a lot. For now though, I’m just modding a few for personal reasons and making baby steps getting into LSDJ, Once I’m confident enough, I will sell empty shells that have been painted/customized. 

So yeah, it’s mainly a hobby that gotten a bit out of hand too fast, and I have no idea what I’ll eventually do with it, but I enjoy the creative process at the time (: